*Fictional character torn apart by bullets*

He might still be alive

*Fictional character shot in the head*

I’m sure they could survive that

*Fictional character in coffin at funeral about to be buried*

They’ll be ok


Infinite multiverses and I’m stuck in the one where superheroes are fictional and people kill other people for having different colored skin

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I miss the when Doctor Who just had a bunch of one-off episodes that were cute and cheesy. I miss when the story arch was subtly added in so that the climax of the season was so much cooler. I miss when the plot twists weren’t shoved in our faces all the time. I miss when there was actual continuity. I miss when the companions were relatable and seemingly ordinary people who became extraordinary. I miss that Doctor Who. 


"We’re preparing you for the real world"

I don’t meant to alarm you but

the real world has calculators

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"ODYSSEUS: maybe patroclus should sleep in his own tent
afraid i’m gonna do something
ODYSSEUS: well yeah"


happy halloween. its fucking halloween every day from now until the end of october. happy fucking halloween

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Participate in a Survey About Gender Diversity in Video Games





The <title> of this page is “Do Consumers Want More Women In Video Games?” The results of this survey will be presented at GDC15, so let’s tell ‘em a resounding “FUCK YEAH!”

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fucking tumblr bomb this shit

I don’t even care if I get unfollowed because this post has nothing to do with the usual category this blog is for. go help if you want diversity in gaming, the thing it’s really short n cool.

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  • author: she didn't want to eat dinner because she doesn't like chicken noodle soup
  • english teacher: even though it doesn't say it, we can infer that 17 years ago she encountered an attack from chickens while on a trip to africa visiting her great aunt who was dying from pneumonia which she got from chickens that were being harvested for the great feast
  • tumblr: lol fukin stupid teacher
  • loki: blinks
  • tumblr: do you see this? do you see that blink? that fucking blink. it shows how much pain he has inside of him. look at him. all he wants is his father to love him. look at the tears that he is holding back. he's never been the favorite son, he always knew that he didn't belong. this is the fucking blink that makes me love loki. he's not a villain. he's just a scared, lonely child.
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