every romantic teen movie


*girl plays acoustic guitar and sings*

guy: wow…you’re..you’re amazing you can really sing

girl: :) thanks. i haven’t sang since my mom died

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  • show creator: i know what you are
  • bi character: say it. out loud.
  • show creator: ...not interested in labels


The Perks Of Being Pretty Much The Same As The Popular Kids And Doing Basically The Same Things But Listening To The Smiths And Not Liking Football

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…she seems like the most awesome person.


Why is Jack Skellington like this hero of emo culture he is basically the peppiest Motherfucker to ever exist.

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what do we say to the god of death?

not today *sets difficulty to casual*

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pay attention to this


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*Fictional character torn apart by bullets*

He might still be alive

*Fictional character shot in the head*

I’m sure they could survive that

*Fictional character in coffin at funeral about to be buried*

They’ll be ok

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Infinite multiverses and I’m stuck in the one where superheroes are fictional and people kill other people for having different colored skin

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